Emoonim strives for continuous improvement throughout our facility and for quality in every cable assembly we ship. With the certifications and associated quality control measures we have in place, we have maintained a high rate of customer acceptance for many years.

We received ISO certification in 2006. Our current certification is ISO 9001:2008, which indicates we have a quality system in place to guarantee continual improvement and quality performance. Compliance with growing environmental and restricted substances standards is vital in the global marketplace today. We work with you to insure that the components in the assemblies we supply are in conformance with the applicable standard.

Emoonim is an approved vendor of many companies and organizations including Ministry of Defense, The Israel Air Force, Rafael, Tadiran, IEC (HHI), ECI-Telecom, RAD and many more. משרד הביטחון

We maintain and improve our position as a quality manufacturer by investing in new technology, assisting our customers in their improvement and development of products, investing in our employees and utilizing our collective experiences to provide the best possible quality and service to our customers.

ISO 2014-2017 EMOONIM


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