Machining Process Technologies include those of turning, milling, drilling and sawing which allow for precision of up to one-thousandth of a millimeter.
These technologies use a block of raw material, from which chips are removed by processing tools in different forms designed to give the material its desired shape.
Machining processing through electric erosion: A process used mostly to produce molds for the plastic industry. Instead of eroding the metallic mold through mechanical means such as drilling or milling, a desired shape is slowly lowered towards a thick metal plate (usually steel). This mold is dipped in electrolytic fluid and charged at a high voltage. The electric sparks that appear between the two electrodes erode the steel over a few hours and create the precise shape of the sunken mold. This technique is highly suited for work with galvanized steel, since it does not require re-galvanization after the process.

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